WEL is the world’s largest collection of primary source eBooks for academic libraries. It is designed to support academic research at all levels and subject areas by providing over 41 Lac eBooks and Lacs of Journal articles, audio books etc. in multidisciplinary subjects, originally scanned from the shelves of the top 50 University Libraries in the world published from the year 1000 till the 21st century…1000 years of publications in one search fully downloadable without restrictions. It is the first and only one to offer Digitally Re-Mastered Editions of the most influential books ever printed.

Read Anytime…Anywhere… you want…

Key Features –

  • 41,86,185 Full-Text eBooks in PDF.
  • More than 5,00,000 individual book authors.
  • 203,051 eDocuments in PDF.
  • Unlimited simultaneous download in multiple devices.
  • 123,000 Audio Books in MP3.
  • The downloaded ebooks can be printed for future 5,024 Video books reference.
  • 11,459 Graphical Novels in PDF.
  • IP authentication and remote access to your bonafide users through one link from your library website.
  • 8,245 eJournal Issues in PDF.
  • 230 Languages (English 80%, French 8%, Germany 6%, Spanish 2% approximately).
  • Fully Searchable Quotable Text & Bookmarking.
  • 150 Academic collections capability.
  • Primary Source eBook collections covering 1,00,000 subject areas.
  • Enough for several Lifetime’s Worth of Reading.


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